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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for May & June 2020

Release Information

As Spring turns to Summer, Backlog has sprung some awesome new features.


  • Check out Backlog’s new dark mode, Enterprise’s latest version, and new options in your project settings for enabling attributes.


  • Dark mode: ICYMI Backlog now has a dark mode.
  • Project settings: Enable/disable specific attributes on issues. For example, you can hide attributes that only developers use for individual projects, such as priorities, milestones, and versions.
  • Wikis: View your Wikis in a printable format.
  • Backlog Enterprise: Released new version 1.10.14.
  • Backlog for iOS: Added support for the share extension and an option to show or hide priority, milestone, and version fields.
  • New Webhook IPs: We are changing the global IP addresses of our Webhook servers. Be sure to change your current IP addresses to the new IP addresses by July 19th, 2020.


  • Boards: Now out of Beta!
  • Inviting users: Select which projects new users will be added to when inviting them.


  • Various bugs.

Keep collaborating and remember: Summer vibes only!

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