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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for May & June 2021

Release Information

Summer is here, and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate with some hot new updates.


  • It’s easier to edit which members you’re notifying adding a new issue.


  • Edit users faster when notifying them of a new issue: You can now quickly delete all users under the “Notify comment to” field when adding a new issue.
  • Admins can see all restrictions for users: Under Space Settings > User, Admins can see restriction info of each user in the space.
  • There’s more info on issues in search results:  We added a “Resolution” column to the search results when searching issues.


  • Wiki on iOS: The wiki page on iOS now displays images.


  • There was a checkbox issue when using “Text Formatting Rule(Backlog)”.
  • The Slack integration was failing to send “Add issue” events.
  • A comment could not be edited after moving to another issue
  • Users couldn’t confirm a comment in a popup message.
  • Users could create categories, milestones, and versions with the same name.
  • When adding and deleting projects at the same time from Space Settings > Users > Edit Users, it would show “<User name> has been removed from project member” for all changes in the “Recent Updates” section of the dashboard.
  • The project administrator’s participating projects were not displayed in the “Migration Plan”.
  • The tags inserted when adding images did not break lines.

Catch you poolside with our next round of updates.

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