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  1. Release notes
  2. Backlog has been updated! More flexible project management with the new Project Administrator role

Release Information

Backlog has been upgraded lately. With this update, the following functionalities are added.

Project Administrator role for flexible project management

Previously, only administrators can change project settings. The more users and projects are added to the Space, the busier the Administrators get.

To solve this problem, we added a new role called Project Administrator. Project Administrators are given permissions to manage certain projects. Administrators can leave projects to Project Administrators after setting certain members as Project Administrators.

Project Administrator role for flexible project management

Better issue search

Finding issues is now easier! Search results will be updated as search criteria changes.
Switching between simple search and advanced search and moving to the other pages of search results are made easier too.
Feel the smoothness of the new issue search!

Send notification after posting comments

Have you ever wished to have sent notifications to more members right after submitting your comment? Some of you might have even at some point added an extra comment just to send notifications to more members.

With this update, notifications can be sent after posting comments to resolve this problem.

Send notification after posting comments

Backlog API v2 has been updated

New APIs are added for Project Administrator functions. Some of the existing APIs have also been improved too.
Please check the change log and corresponding API pages.

Backlog4J v2 has been updated with Backlog API v2’s update.

We are working towards making more improvements and introducing new features that you have requested in the near future. In the mean time, hope you enjoy these little improvements!

Please add suggestions for improvements
or new features here