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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for January 2023

Product Updates

We’re kicking off the start of the year with a fresh batch of updates.


Our first update of the year includes a new version of Enterprise, added dashboard functions, and improved email notification settings. 


  • Enterprise release: Version 1.11.12 of Enterprise is now available.
  • Set notifications with @: Set notifications in issue templates using @ (includes iOS app).
  • Quicker comments: You can now tag someone when you comment on an issue in your Recent Updates.
  • Easier access to projects: Pin the projects you work on the most to the top of your dashboard list.


  • Faster API: The API now gets the list of project admins faster.
  • Updated email settings: Setting up email notifications is easier thanks to clearer text and design.
  • More watchlist details: Issues in your watchlist in the iOS app now show the assignee and due date.
  • Easier mentions: The list of users shown when using @ in a comment in the iOS app is ordered by most recently active. 


  • Text shown when hovering over projects in the dashboard list wasn’t easily visible in dark mode.
  • Lines of text starting with a number were displaying incorrectly in the iOS app.

We’re excited about what this year will bring for Backlog and for you! We’ll see you back here next month for another update.

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