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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for July and August 2023

Product Updates

After a short break last month, we’re back and ready to go with a fresh update. 


A new Enterprise release, a better Gantt chart, and lots of fixes for mobile and desktop users including navigating to previous screens and viewing Wiki details.


  • Enterprise release: Check out the latest Enterprise release (2.1.0.).


  • Gantt chart: Our improved Gantt chart helps you better manage projects with enhanced filters, easier assignee and status changes, faster screen loading, and short URLs.
  • Project overview: The total number of projects is now displayed on the project list page.


  • Android users couldn’t see Wiki details or their recently viewed Wikis. 
  • The Android app was freezing when users selected a comment notification. 
  • Adding someone to a project team also added them as an individual project member.
  • An unnecessary confirmation was displayed when changing an issue type.
  • Text formatting rules for “Update Project” in the API were unintentionally changed to “Use space setting.”
  • Navigating to previous screens wasn’t working for Android.
  • The YYYY/D/M date format wasn’t working for advanced searches.
  • Comments combining quotations and tables weren’t displaying correctly for iOS.
  • iOS users with “add issue only” privileges couldn’t comment on issues.
  • Collapsed drawers on the right side of Wiki pages couldn’t be reopened.

With more than half the year over, we’re proud of all we’ve accomplished and are excited for what’s to come. We’ll see you next month for another update.

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