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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for March 2023

Product Updates

After taking a short break in February, we’re back with another batch of updates.


We released a new version of Enterprise professional edition, added channel-related functions to the Slack settings screen, and provided more details to API responses.


  • Enterprise release: Professional edition version 1.11.13 is now available with an updated version of FasterXML jackson-databind and edited application settings.
  • Slack settings: Search for channels and see what channels are private on the Slack settings screen.


  • Clearer API responses: issueId now appears in API responses for issue comments; projectId appears in API responses for shared files, custom fields, categories, and issue comments; and useGIT and useSubversion appear in API responses for getting project lists. 


  • Users couldn’t edit or delete comments on the Git pull request page.
  • The window that appears when selecting the mention button in the dashboard or pull request toolbar was moving.

Thanks for checking in with us. We’ll see you again next month for another update.

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