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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for November 2022

Release Information

The year is almost over, and we’re already dreaming of a little down time with friends and family over the holidays. Until then, we’re working hard to bring you new features and improvements. 


Our latest update includes better search for pull requests and wikis, and new filters for dashboard, notifications, and project members.  


  • View/hide comments: Download Excel/CSV files with or without comments from the Issues screen.
  • Added search filters: Search pull requests by status, registered by, assignee, and keyword. 
  • More pull request details: The merge destination branch now appears on each line of the pull request list.
  • Added dashboard filters: Filter Recent Updates by project.
  • Better notifications sorting: Users in the “Filter by user” list are ordered by most recently mentioned and/or assigned.  
  • View and filter project members: On the Project Settings screen, admins can filter project members based on permissions while all members can see who else is part of their project. 
  • Clear search faster: Clear your keyword search on the Issues screen using the X in the search field.
  • Adjust your view: Adjust the display width of the subject/assignee information in Gantt charts. 
  • Better wiki search: Wiki search results now display 200 characters and matching words are highlighted. Multiple keyword searches are also supported.
  • Easier copy/paste: Copy code blocks to your clipboard.
  • @ yourself: Android users can now mention their own username.


  • Keyword searches weren’t clearing in advanced search.
  • Dialog in Recent Updates was closing after clearing the keyword search.
  • Searching “Find Issues in All Projects” was unintentionally sending a large number of requests.
  • Sort icon for disk usage in Space Settings was facing the wrong direction.
  • XXS using the project name was allowed in “Find Issues in All Projects.”
  • Project issue statuses were ordered incorrectly when sorting on the Issues screen.
  • Push notifications for iOS weren’t delivering after disabling and reenabling them on the settings screen.
  • Login screen for Android wouldn’t open after deleting an account.
  • Organization settings link on Android wasn’t working.

That’s it for November. We’ll be back next month with our final update for 2022. 

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