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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for October 2022

Release Information

We’ve got tons of new features and functionalities to share this month, so let’s get started.


Our latest updates offer more security and features to streamline your workflow including the ability to: manage notification email settings, copy multiple issue keys and subjects at once, toggle between preview and edit modes, and update an issue status in the Gantt chart.


  • Enterprise 1.11.11 release: Our latest release allows administrators to manage notification email security settings; features an updated version of Apache Tomcat®; and includes a security fix in the File feature. 
  • Quicker copying: You can now copy multiple issue keys and subjects at the same time from the Issues list view. 
  • Copy issues to other projects: Copy an issue, including all source information, to another project.
  • Better visibility: See the assignee and due date for issues in your Watch list.
  • Advanced search: Filter for issues with no start or due date in the Issues list view.
  • Easier status updates: Update the status of an issue directly in the Gantt chart.
  • Tag yourself: Keep track of your to-dos by mentioning yourself in issue comments.
  • Quick edits: Switch from preview to edit mode faster thanks to a responsive Edit button.
  • Add users faster: Add a user and set their role and restrictions all from the global navigation. 


  • Expanded display: The split view for diffs now stays open even if the screen transitions.
  • Easier text selection: Copy code from the right and left sides in the split view for diffs. 
  • Never miss a milestone: Flags on the Gantt chart make it easy to see milestones.
  • IP registration flow: Updated messaging on the access control screen makes it easier to delete and register IP addresses.


  • The Board wasn’t working in certain environments.
  • Selected issue types weren’t appearing when creating an issue from the Board.
  • Links in markdown notation weren’t displaying correctly in the table of contents.
  • The header on downloaded Excel sheets didn’t match the header on the Issues screen.

The year is almost over, but there’s still time to get things done. Before we go into holiday mode, we’ll be back next month with even more updates. 

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