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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for October 2023

Product Updates

It’s Halloween, and we’ve got lots of treats to share in this month’s update. Let’s dive in. 


A new Enterprise release with lots of updates, the ability to save Gantt chart search filters, and the option to set the status when creating an issue.


  • Enterprise release: Our newest version can be used with MySQL8.0 and includes enhanced notification settings and search options, a simplified upgrade process, a more detailed project overview, and updated JVM startup options.
  • Gantt chart filters: Find what you need faster by saving your most common search criteria as filters.
  • Issue status: You can now set the status when creating an issue.


  • Gantt chart: It’s now more obvious that you can drag and drop issues within the Gantt chart. 
  • Tab key movements: The “Link a file” icon in the comment editor is now inaccessible via tab key navigation so you can quickly add issues and comments.
  • Unsaved edits: You now have more clarity about discarding or resuming edits when returning to an unsaved issue.


  • Teams created after an organization migrated from the Classic plan weren’t syncing.

That’s it for this month. We’ll see you in November for another update.

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