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Customer Journey Map Template

A Customer Journey Map Template can help marketers understand what their ideal customers want and need. Evaluate how customers feel about your brand by charting their touchpoints, processes, motivations, emotions, and barriers as they go from awareness to retention.
Customer Journey Map Template

Uses of Customer Journey Map Templates

A customer journey map visualizes the phases of engagement between your customers and your business or brand. It also helps you identify customer pain points and start thinking about how to fix them. Creating this map requires you to analyze company processes, outreach channels, and product experience from customers’ perspectives, so you can understand what drives their buying behavior.

Customer journey mapping is beneficial for developing sales, marketing, and business strategies. You can use it to:

  • Identify the best marketing channels
  • Create customer personas and user stories
  • Design better targeting and retention strategies
  • Evaluate customer expectations vs. realistic experiences
  • Improve client onboarding processes

A great customer journey map takes time and effort to make, but the finished product is something you’ll refer back to again and again. The map combines a wealth of insight about your customers in one place, making it easier to come up with relevant solutions to business and marketing problems. Join Cacoo today to start using the Customer Journey Map Template!

Customer Journey Map Template

How to create your own Customer Journey Map

For the best start, gather data about your target audience and sit down with your team to set clear goals. Think about why you’re going through this process, so you can develop realistic touchpoints and behavior models.

Identify the customer persona you want to analyze and common touchpoints this demographic uses leading up to a conversion.


Open the Customer Journey Map Template in Cacoo.


Visualize the entire engagement process. Where does the customer journey usually begin? How do they learn about the product or service?


Define and list the touchpoints between a customer’s initial interaction with your brand and a purchase


Map out the journey in the four stages: Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, and Retention. Keep in mind, you can always add more sections to customize your journey map.

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