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Up your office GIF game with these 18 GIFs

Nulab Staff

Nulab Staff

September 15, 2023

In today’s fast-paced and digitally-driven workplace, effective communication is the cornerstone of productivity and team cohesion. While we rely on an array of collaboration tools to streamline our work processes, there’s one timeless element that adds a touch of levity and human connection to our daily interactions: GIFs.

These animated images have become a universal language of emotions, offering a quick and engaging way to express everything from joy and empathy to frustration and celebration. In this article, we’re diving into the world of office GIFs, unveiling 18 classics that can effortlessly elevate your team’s communication.

So, let’s enhance your office GIF game and discover how the right combination of humor and productivity tools can transform your workplace dynamics.

Good morning team GIFs

Brighten up your workdays with “Good Morning” GIFs to spread positivity and create a friendly vibe with your colleagues. These little bursts of cheer are perfect for daily greetings, kicking off virtual team meetings with a warm touch, sending birthday wishes, giving everyone a Monday boost, adding some fun to important announcements, celebrating victories, and building team spirit during fun activities. And don’t forget to include your remote teammates in the fun! Just remember, while GIFs are a blast, keep it professional in more formal or sensitive chats.



This poor man symbolizes too many variables in a Monday workday. Budget changes, deliverable delays, design issues? Yup, that’s Monday for you.



The week is only half done. But it feels like it’s been at least two weeks long already. This GIF relates.



You and the team have put in a long, hard week. On Friday morning, let them know how you all will feel in the next few hours. You’re almost there…

How are you feeling GIFs

Spice up your workday with “How Are You Feeling” GIFs, a fun and caring way to connect with your colleagues and create a supportive vibe. Whether it’s a wellness check-in, a hectic day, or post-meeting vibes, these GIFs have your back. They’re also perfect for showing employee appreciation, spreading mental health awareness, and boosting team spirit. But remember, always be considerate of personal preferences, and make sure your workplace is an open and supportive space for emotional well-being chats.

Need a boost


Relating to evil billionaire, Mr. Burns usually isn’t advised. But when you need coffee this bad, even he looks a bit empathetic.

Leaving work GIFs

It’s time to pack up and head home! Leaving work GIFs are perfect for celebrating the end of a tough day or just sharing that “TGIF” feeling with your colleagues. Whether you’re feeling a bit drained or riding the wave of a productive day, these GIFs add a fun touch to your farewell messages. So, use them when you’re wrapping up after a busy day, and remember to keep the good vibes rolling!

Leaving after a tough day

Friends Reaction GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


Conan O’Brien’s exit technique is generally not advised for work; however, this GIF will sum up your day without the mess.

Leaving after a good day


This GIF is one of the web’s more beloved images. No need to alter a classic.

Nice work gif

Celebrate those wins with “Nice work” GIFs! These fun and informal animations are great for acknowledging your colleagues’ achievements and spreading positivity around the office. Whether it’s closing a deal, completing a project, or reaching a milestone, “Nice work” GIFs add a playful touch to your congratulations. So, whenever your team scores a win, share the good vibes with these GIFs to boost morale and show your appreciation.

Closing a deal


Acquiring new business is worth a celebration. The company is getting more work, and that means more money. Take a moment to count those dolla dolla bills, ya’ll.

Job well done


Everyone appreciates a compliment for their work. If an employee wows you with an incredible job, let them know.

Milestone reached!


Did you reach that once-unattainable KPI? Did the sales team sign a long-shot client? Well then, this calls for a group chat celebration!

One very happy manager


Great teams deserve due praise. Let them know how valued they are next time you log in.

Struggle bus GIFs

Hop on the “Struggle Bus” GIF train when you and your colleagues are facing tough times at work. These lighthearted and informal animations can be used to humorously acknowledge challenges, from missing files to bandwidth issues and looming deadlines. They add a touch of empathy and camaraderie during stressful moments, making it easier to connect with your team and keep the mood positive. So, when work gets a bit bumpy, climb aboard the “Struggle Bus” GIFs for some shared laughter and support.

Missing files


Like this baseball player, sometimes you lose sight of your target. It happens with everything from files to phone numbers. When this occurs, let the team know before it’s too late. (At least you won’t have to worry about throwing out any baserunners!)

Bandwidth issues


Your to-do list is about at capacity. The problem is the team wants you to take on another project. When you’re nearing maximum capacity, let them know before a meltdown.

Deadline pressure


Projects are often pressure-filled. When a deadline looms, that pressure is sure to increase. Let the team know where you stand at the moment.

I’m lost


You are often certain. Today, you are sure that you are lost. Don’t worry; it happens. Let the team know so they can get you back on track.

Break time GIFs

“Break Time” GIFs are your go-to when it’s time to unwind and recharge. Use these friendly and informal animations to invite your team for a lunch break, coffee run, or simply a breather away from work. They add a playful touch to your workday, encouraging everyone to take well-deserved breaks, socialize, and refresh. So, when you sense that it’s time to pause and relax, share a “Break Time” GIF and unwind a little.



It’s that time of the day. You and the team need to recharge. Message your best mate or the whole team. Burgers, anyone?

Manager GIFs

“Manager” GIFs are your secret weapon for adding humor and approachability to workplace situations. Use them informally during discussions about missing deadlines, when things get a bit confusing, or to boost team morale. These playful GIFs lighten the mood, making tough conversations or challenging moments a tad more relaxed. So, when the going gets tough at work, don’t hesitate to drop a “Manager” GIF and keep the positive vibes flowing.

Missing deadlines


Lapsed assignments are never a fun discussion. At least you started this tough conversation off with a lovable cat.

Total confusion


This iconic Zoolander line lets the team know something is off. Just let that be the only Mugatu trait you bring to work.

Morale boost


Setbacks can throw any good team off. When faced with a situation like this, rally the team. Remind them of their abilities with some motivation.

GIFs and collaboration tools for enhanced team dynamics

In the hustle and bustle of the modern workplace, a touch of humor and camaraderie can work wonders to break the monotony and strengthen team bonds. GIFs, with their ability to convey emotions and sentiments in a flash, are the perfect addition to your daily office communication. Whether sharing a “Good morning” GIF to kickstart the week, a celebratory GIF for a job well done, or a humorous one during tough times, these animated images bring a unique charm to your conversations.

However, to truly excel in today’s collaborative work environment, you need more than just humor and GIFs. Effective communication and project management are essential. That’s where tools like Backlog come into play. Backlog offers a comprehensive platform for managing tasks, projects, and team collaborations. With features like task assignment, progress tracking, and file sharing, it ensures that your team stays on the same page, even when you’re sharing GIFs. So, while you’re brightening up your workday with these entertaining animations, don’t forget the power of collaboration tools like Backlog to streamline your workflow and boost productivity.

Incorporating both humor and efficient collaboration tools, your team can strike the perfect balance between work and fun, creating a workplace that’s not only productive but also enjoyable. So, go ahead, up your office GIF game, and equip your team with the right tools to conquer any challenge that comes their way.

This post was originally published on September 12, 2017, and updated most recently on September 15, 2023.



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