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Productivity podcasts that’ll boost your daily output

Georgina Guthrie

Georgina Guthrie

November 17, 2021

Everyone always says to find a job you love. But, sometimes, even the most fulfilling careers feature difficult, dull, or repetitive tasks. So, what about the moments where you just have to crank out your daily duties as quickly as possible? That’s where being productive comes into play. In other words, you’ll need time management skills, task prioritization, and efficient output to get through them all.

What better way to up your productivity than listening to podcasts while you work? Are you listening to productivity podcasts yet? We’ve compiled a list of 15 different shows for all types of people who want to be more productive. That includes productivity in work or simply to find new ways to get more done with their day.

1. The Productivity Show, by Asian Efficiency

Do you want podcasts in which productivity experts talk about how to make things happen? Check out this podcast! Asian Efficiency team members discuss time management and productivity tools in clear and concise language.

Speakers such as Stephen Covey and David Allen talk about what really matters when producing more with less effort. Their podcast is one of the most informative out there, with guests ranging from biochemists to digital nomads working remotely. The hosts are knowledgeable about the practical applications of productivity. However, they aren’t afraid to get philosophical about what it means to be productive in life.

They also offer their listeners tons of free resources you can download right off their site. With over 100 hours of content at your fingertips, there’s something for everyone here. That even includes a specific episode dedicated solely to apps and tools for productivity.

2. Note to Self, by Manoush Zomorodi

Note to Self is about the impact that technology has on our lives and how we can manage it better.

Hosted by Manoush Zomorodi, the show focuses on sharing personal stories about what it means to live in a digital world. It also includes how we can become more productive. Note to Self’s one-hour-long monthly episodes also feature brilliant interviews with experts and other personalities with interesting insights on productivity.

3. The 5 AM Miracle, by Jeff Sanders

Jeff Sanders’ weekly podcast is based on the idea that your whole day transforms if you can wake up early. Or, as he puts it: “dominating your day before breakfast.”

The 5 AM Miracle was originally for bloggers and entrepreneurs who needed to be at their best before most people were out of bed. Now, anyone who wants to improve their life can benefit.

4. Getting Things Done, by David Allen

David Allen, author of Getting Things Done (or GTD, as his fans call it), has a podcast dedicated to his book. GTD has been a huge inspiration for productivity junkies everywhere. Plus, David Allen’s podcast is a great way to get caught up on all the basics of his system, which focuses on organizing tasks into a set of lists. Special guests include authors, productivity experts, and everyday people who have changed their lives by applying the principles of GTD.

5. Entrepreneurs on Fire, by John Lee Dumas

This one’s perfect if you’re looking for actionable tips on improving your business skills. They’re an important set of skills most productivity podcasts listeners could benefit from.

Every weekday, this podcast delivers a bite-sized, easily consumable chunk of entrepreneurial wisdom that will help you grow your business through the use of inspiration, interviews with world-class experts, and case studies from successful entrepreneurs. You won’t hear about what someone just did, though. Instead, it’s all about what they would do differently next time so you can learn from their successes and mistakes.

6. The Tim Ferriss Show

As host Timothy Ferriss says, “the show is not about me… It’s DO OR DIE for your startup, small business, side project, or yearning to make things happen.”

If you’ve ever wanted to know what top entrepreneurs like Chris Sacca, Tony Robbins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and others would do if they only had 24 hours to live, check out this podcast from author and investor Tim Ferriss. He asks thoughtful questions of his guests, which allows them to share their stories in a unique way. It’s definitely worth checking out!

7. Accidental Creative

And then this one’s aimed at boosting your creative thinking skills. It has over 700 episodes organized into categories called “topics & techniques,” which will help to give you fresh ideas in everyday life.

Hosted by Todd Henry, it’s a hit with many successful business owners. In his own words: “If you want to stand out and make a difference, you have to be different.” Productivity and creativity don’t always go hand-in-hand, but Henry helps to bridge the gap in a great way.

8. The Productivityist Podcast

As the name suggests, this is one of those productivity podcasts mostly about productivity. It’s by productivity consultant Mike Vardy. He says his show is all about “finding out what makes productive people tick,” so if figuring out how to get stuff done really well interests you, check this one out! Topics covered include time management, work-life balance, and focus.

9. ProdPod

This podcast will give you quick tips to increase your productivity, and it’s one of the shows we recommend if you’re after a few easy wins (two minutes is all it takes to listen to this one). ProdPod aims to educate and inspire workers in small businesses using proven techniques to help them get more done in less time while improving work-life balance.

10. Extreme Productivity With Kevin Kruse

Having won multiple awards for his business book, “15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management,” Kevin Kruse shares more expert advice with his Extreme Productivity podcast. The show aims to help people get more done in less time and make it easier to achieve their number-one goal, whatever that may be.

11. Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

John Jantsch and the team at Duct Tape Marketing produce a weekly podcast featuring industry experts and inspiring entrepreneurs. One example is an episode about creating your own luck, while another looks at why you should never stop learning. You’ll even find some inspiration from John himself in an episode titled “59 seconds on fear.”

12. Hurry Slowly

Being productive by slowing down? That may sound counterproductive, but host Jocelyn K. Glei and guests have some seriously convincing points. In one episode, they discuss the importance of saying “no” to a project to make time for something else. In another, they discuss how focusing on what’s important can help you get more done. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Hurry Slowly explores big-picture concepts like focus and why we’re all doing this whole work thing wrong.

13. Happier, with Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin is the best-selling author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before. In this podcast, she delves into her own research and interviews people about happiness from all walks of life — from Olympic gold medalists to celebrities. Guests discuss everything from dealing with criticism to finding the perfect amount of challenge in your day. Gretchen makes a convincing case for why and how happiness is the catalyst to getting more things done when it comes to productivity.

14. The BizChix Pod

Biz Chix is a podcast for women who want to grow in their professional lives. Each episode features interviews with entrepreneurs who share their tips on achieving professional success and managing work-life balance. Recent topics include coping with impostor syndrome, picking the right immigration lawyer, and scaling an Amazon business.

15. Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat

Currently sitting at #1 in the Apple Business Podcast Chart, Eat Sleep Work Repeat is an Australian-based podcast that features interviews with “some of the most successful people in the world.”

Hosted by Bruce Daisley, the show aims to teach listeners how to “find new ways to get ahead of the game” and embrace “the ideas, habits, and mindsets that will allow you to accelerate your success.” Recent topics include how to identify and pursue a goal, the secrets of eCommerce success, and how to make a presentation that gets your audience on-side.

Bonus: Focus@Will

This one’s a little different from the rest; it works on the principle that music helps you stay productive when working or studying. The site’s founders claim to play background tracks scientifically engineered to promote attention and reduce distractions. So, if you’re juggling multiple assignments simultaneously and feel like your mind is spread incredibly thin, take a look!



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