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Using text formatting and integrations for comments in Cacoo

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Cacoo Staff

Cacoo Staff

June 29, 2020

In this short tutorial, we will continue to demonstrate advanced techniques you can employ when using comments in Cacoo. 

Previously, we showed you how to use comments in the following ways:

Today, you will learn how to:

  1. Use text formatting options in comments
  2. Send notifications to team chat apps (Slack or Microsoft Teams) when the diagram has comments or updates.

Comment text formatting

You’ve probably already been using emojis in comments, but did you know that you can also format the comment text in different ways?

Here’s a table that shows the notation options available for different text formats.

Text format Comment display
%% strikethrough %%
E.g.  This is %%nice%% fantastic
E.g. That’s quite ‘’bold’’ of her.
Note: it’s two single quotation marks.
E.g. You ‘’’rock’’’
Note: it’s three single quotation marks.
+Bullet point 1 (numbered)
+Bullet point 2
+Bullet point 3
Note: To start a new line, use Shift+Enter.
-Bullet 1 (unnumbered)
-Bullet 2
-Bullet 3
| header 1 | header 2 | header 3 |
| element 1 | element 2 | element 3 |
| element 1 | element 2 | element 3 |
Links are clickable, and open in a new window/tab.

With these text formatting techniques, you can enhance your Cacoo comments and have clearer communication with team members. 

Emojis and advanced text formatting for Cacoo comments
Emojis and text formatting create expressive team communication!

Chat app notifications when comments are added

Cacoo has built-in integrations with team chat apps such as Slack, as well as the latest integration with Microsoft Teams.

If you are on the Cacoo team plan, you can connect your Cacoo folders with your team’s chat app to notify everyone about Cacoo updates. Once connected, there will be notifications in the connected Slack/Microsoft Teams channel whenever comments are added or diagrams in the folders are updated.

When you receive the notification in your team chat app, you can then:

  • Click on the diagram name (‘User Flowchart’) to open the comment in the diagram in a browser window/tab. 
  • Click on the folder name (‘Marketing’) to open the Cacoo folder in a browser window/tab.
  • Click on the diagram to open the diagram in a browser window/tab.

To quickly set up these chat app integrations with Cacoo, please refer to our support guides:

Collaborate smoothly with your team and get more done in Cacoo using these tips and team chat integrations. 

Try them out today!


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