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  1. Release notes
  2. Backlog will stop sending emails to inactive users


To reduce the workloads of both our customers’ email servers and our own, Backlog will disable emails for users who have not used Backlog in more than a year. To re-enable emails and start using Backlog again, just log in to Backlog and toggle your email settings accordingly.


Date of maintenance

October 21, 2021

Email settings targeted

The “Receive emails” checkbox found on the “Personal Settings” > “Emails” setting page will be disabled. We will not change any other email setting.

Users affected

If you meet all of the following conditions, your email settings will be affected by this change.

  • You haven’t logged in by a web browser within the last year.
  • You haven’t logged in by a mobile application (iOS or Android) within the last year.
  • You haven’t posted an issue or a comment by email within the last year.
  • You haven’t generated any API key(s).

How admins can check “Last Login”

Administrators can check the “Last Login” of all space users from the Space settings > User Settings > User page.

How to re-enable email settings

Before October 21, 2021
If you log in via a web browser or mobile application, you will not be affected by this maintenance.

After October 21, 2021
You can re-enable the “Receive emails” checkbox on the “Personal Settings” > “Emails” setting page. You will then receive the same emails from Backlog as before.


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