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  2. Backlog Kaizen Week 2015 vol. 2

Release Information


Time flies! Icannot believe it’s already the end of the year 2015. We hope you have done what you had to do for the year. The Backlog team finally finished implementing all features we’ve started in the Kaizen week 2015!

It’s been a long way but we are proud to introduce the new features and improvements.

Wiki’s tree view

Wiki titles used to be just listed as they were. Now Wikis can be listed in tree structures and small branches can be collapsed. It helps to oraganize Wikis.


Putting / (slash) between titles makes a tree.

* Click here for more about enabling the tree view

HTML mail

You’ve been receiving text based mails when issues were updated. With this update, you can choose to receive HTML mails. In the HTML mails, it’s easy to see the markdown formatted text. You don’t need to go to the Backlog website to check the details any longer.


This is a sample of the HTML mail in Gmail on Chrome. (It may look different depending on the email application you use.)

You can decide to stay in the older style or switch to the new style. We hope these features help you for the better Backlog experience.

Please add suggestions for improvements
or new features here