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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for April 2024

Product Updates

While we wait for the weather to decide between hot and cold, we’re keeping ourselves busy with new features and improvements. Here’s what we got up to this month.


Manage meetings and brainstorming sessions with Cacoo timer, see what’s new when you open the diagram editor, and keep your searches fast and focused with improved functionality and design.


  • Track your time: Manage meetings, brainstorming sessions, focus time, and more with Cacoo timer. 
  • Stay in the know: See what’s new with Cacoo when you open the diagram editor.


  • Search requests: Erase search requests using the X icon, easily clear searches with no results, see the label of your selected dropdown option, and focus on your current search with a streamlined design.


  • Dragging an SVG file into the diagram editor caused an XSS issue.
  • Users weren’t notified in both Cacoo and via email about diagram mentions.
  • Import/export icons for third-party apps didn’t show for Safari users.
  • The “What’s new” and onboarding dialogs overlapped.

That’s it for April. We’ll see you next month for another update.

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