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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for May 2024

Product Updates

We’re nearly at the halfway point for 2024, and we’ve been using every moment to improve Cacoo. Here’s what we’ve been up to this past month.


Add multiple sticky notes using table data, better manage public sharing settings, and paste SVG text as an SVG image.


  • Paste table data as sticky notes: Convert copied table data into individual sticky notes.
  • Public sharing settings: Prohibiting public sharing at the organization or folder level makes existing public links inactive. Reallowing public sharing requires you to reactivate public links in the share settings of each diagram.
  • Multiple file import: Import files to one sheet or separate sheets.
  • Adding custom attributes: The user interface features new placeholder text and autofocus. 
  • Shortcut addition: “Select multiple objects” is now on the keyboard shortcuts list.
  • SVG copy/paste: Paste copied SVG text as an SVG image.


  • Users with editor permissions couldn’t copy a diagram to the same folder.
  • The number in the active collaborators counter didn’t fit correctly.
  • The username attached to a selected frame didn’t display correctly when zooming in.
  • Unsaved text edits were lost when moving a comment.
  • Users with outdated browsers couldn’t access the diagram tool menu.
  • The right panel didn’t show/hide correctly when using the “Tab” key.
  • Inline links in text boxes couldn’t be edited.
  • The “Share” button didn’t work if selected before a diagram loaded.

That’s a wrap on our May release notes. Join us next month for another update.

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