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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for September to November 2022

Release Information

It’s been a while since we shared an update, but we’re back and ready to tell you about our latest features and improvements.


We made it easier to keep your organization’s data safe and to update your user status.


  • Improved email security: Protect your organization by deciding how much information to show in email notifications. 
  • Updated navigation: Set your status by selecting your icon in the global navigation.


  • Better log-out experience: You’re now redirected to the sign-in page after logging out.
  • Lighter keystrokes: Stay light on your fingertips with more comfortable keystrokes.
  • No unwanted pop-ups: Type # or @ within a word without being accidentally prompted to enter a mention or tag.


  • Mentions weren’t appearing after typing @.
  • Even-numbered emoji categories weren’t highlighted when selected.

Typetalk is designed for you and your team, so keep that feedback coming. You can always email us at, fill out our contact form, or share your thoughts in our online forum.

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