Open communication is a key component to business growth. Improve the flow of information across teams and maximize productivity with Typetalk.


Collaborate on marketing and sales strategies with the team using Cacoo. Brainstorm ideas, share knowledge, and visually organize key concepts in real-time.


Keep your department on track with a centralized database for storing tasks, budgets, and files. Backlog allows you to quickly retrieve information from anywhere using the technology of the cloud.

CINRA is a creative agency that helps clients like Sony Corporation with web design, content creation, and branding.

Advertising & Marketing
Tokyo, Japan
Est. Company Size
38 employees
Nulab Product Implemented
Cacoo Business
Case Study CINRA, Inc.
I would recommend it to someone who uses PowerPoint and is looking for a more useful alternative. It would also be good for someone who is not good at organizing and managing a large amount of files.

- Akira Yanagihara, Director, Creative Team

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