Add multiple members at once with CSV file importing

To use any of Nulab’s collaborative apps (i.e. Backlog, Cacoo, or Typetalk), users need a Nulab Account. Inviting groups of people used to require a lot of time on the part of Administrators. But we’ve made adding batches of users easier with the addition of a CSV file import feature.

How to add members from a CSV file

Note: To use CSV (comma-separated-values) importing, you must sign in as an Administrator, or ask one of your Administrator’s for help.

  1. From your Nulab Apps homepage, go to the Organizations tab.
  2. Select your Organization, and download the sample CSV file.
  3. Open the CSV file in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel or your favorite text editor.
  4. (Required) For each new member you’re adding, fill in their Email Address, Full Name, and Role in the CSV file.
  5. (Optional) Fill in any of the other columns available to add more info, or leave them blank.
    • Tip: To add a user to multiple groups, use semicolons between groups in the Group Names column. Example: “Group Name 1; Group Name 2”.
  6. Save the CSV file as a CSV file type.
  7. Select the Bulk members invite option, and upload your file using the form. 


    Bulk members inviteSelect “Bulk members invite.”

    Upload CSV FileUpload CSV File


To use the CSV import function, ensure your file meets the following guidelines:

  • Your file is saved as a CSV file type.
  • Your file does not exceed 100 users per CSV file.
    • Tip: To add more than 100 users, split your batch into multiple CSV files. 
  • When uploading non-ASCII or double byte values, your CSV file is saved in UTF-8.
  • You assign only the following roles: Admin, Member, or Guest (case insensitive).


If you receive an error when uploading your file, double check the following:

  • Ensure all email addresses do not contain common errors such as extra spaces, special characters, or more than one @ symbol.
  • Make sure you’re not trying to add a user who has already been registered.
  • Make sure you’re not trying to upload more than 100 users at once.
  • Make sure all roles you assigned have permission to join the groups they’re also assigned to.


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