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Codewave case study:

Increasing client transparency with Backlog


Companies are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline processes, enhance collaboration, cut costs, and foster transparency. Take Codewave, for example, an Indian-based software services company.

Since its inception in May 2013, the company has been on a mission to infuse design and UX thinking into software solutions. However, with the shift to remote work during the pandemic, efficient project management became pivotal for Codewave's operations.

With a culture centered around autonomy, transparency, and innovation, Codewave’s developer, tech, and QA teams sought an affordable and scalable solution to efficiently track bug fixes, manage code, and improve workflows while maintaining transparency with clients.


To manage and deliver the best software, Codewave needed the right work software. However, they faced the following challenges with their existing platforms, which failed to meet their evolving needs:

  • Frequent tool switching: Codewave encountered challenges with existing tools, leading to frequent switching between platforms. This inconsistency disrupted workflow continuity and hindered productivity, highlighting the need for a comprehensive solution tailored to their specific requirements.
  • Cost-prohibitive tools: The tools used before were too expensive despite the volume of issues being relatively low and serving a singular purpose. "The team was not happy with the bug tracking tools that we were using previously. They could be unreliable and also expensive," co-founder Abhijith HK reflected. Abhijith looked for a project management tool that would meet their needs while not straining their budget. "We were looking for a solution that wasn’t burning a hole in our pocket and that we can slowly scale."
  • Pandemic-induced remote work challenges: The onset of the pandemic forced teams to operate remotely, raising concerns about maintaining productivity and collaboration. This shift underscored the importance of implementing a tool that could enhance remote workflow management and team communication. Codewave recognized the urgent need for a solution to bridge the gap created by physical separation, ensuring seamless collaboration and productivity despite remote work arrangements.

The software services team outlined their opportunities for improvement:

  • Flexibility in customizing parameters: Codewave aimed for software flexibility to tailor tools precisely to its business processes. This customization would enable easy adaptation to changing requirements and industry standards.
  • Automation of processes to increase efficiency: The company also prioritized automation to streamline tasks, reduce manual effort, and enhance accuracy. By seeking this capability, the company aimed to boost productivity, cut labor costs, and free up employees for strategic tasks.
  • Kanban view Codewave sought a Kanban view for visual issue management, enhancing transparency and collaboration. This feature would optimize their workflow management, prioritize tasks effectively, and improve project visibility for better team coordination.
  • Easily adaptable platform It also wanted a project management tool that would be user-friendly and intuitive. This meant they could easily onboard new team members, train employees on the software with a small learning curve, and easily adopt it throughout the organization. It also ensured the software could evolve alongside the company's changing needs.

How Backlog Helped

Led by their QA team, three different tools were assessed for their suitability. After careful consideration, Backlog was chosen for its ability to meet all its criteria in one place — at an affordable cost. The decision to adopt Backlog was influenced not only by its delivery capabilities but also by "how transparently we are able to showcase in real time what we are doing now, to our customers" Abhijith says.

This transparency was crucial for Codewave, especially as they navigated remote work setups. “Before the pandemic, our employees mostly worked in the office, so it was a lot easier for QA to collaborate with developers. After transitioning to remote work, we realized our current tools were not good enough. That was one of the major reasons we switched to Backlog," Abhijith explained.


With Backlog now integrated into their workflow, Codewave can happily provide clients with comprehensive insights into the status of their projects, facilitating effective communication and timely issue resolution.

Additionally, Backlog provided a comprehensive solution to the following challenges sought by Codewave:

  • Versatility and flexibility: Backlog’s flexible interface allowed Codewave to tailor the tool precisely to their specific requirements, eliminating the need for frequent switching between different platforms. By consolidating their project management needs into one comprehensive solution, Backlog ensured workflow continuity and enhanced productivity.
  • Cost-effective: Backlog offered an affordable alternative to the expensive tools previously used by Codewave. With a pricing structure aligned with their budgetary constraints, Backlog provided a cost-effective solution without compromising functionality. This allowed Codewave to allocate resources more efficiently, ensuring that their project management tool was not only effective but also sustainable as they scaled their operations.
  • Remote-friendly: Backlog allowed team members to access project data and communicate effectively from any location. Features such as task assignments, progress tracking, and real-time updates promoted transparency and coordination among remote teams, mitigating the challenges posed by physical separation during the pandemic from each other and their clients.

In addition to addressing these specific challenges, Backlog also met Codewave's opportunities for improvement:

  • Automation features: Backlog's automation features streamlined tasks, reduced manual effort, and improved accuracy. By automating repetitive processes, Codewave was able to boost productivity, optimize resource allocation, and focus on strategic initiatives, ultimately driving business growth.
  • Kanban capability: Backlog's Kanban view provided Codewave with a visual project management solution that enhanced transparency, collaboration, and workflow optimization. This feature allowed them to prioritize tasks effectively, track progress in real time, and improve team coordination.
  • Easily adaptable: The user-friendly interface and intuitive design made it easy for Codewave's employees to onboard quickly and adopt the software throughout the organization. With minimal training required, team members could seamlessly integrate Backlog into their workflow, ensuring widespread adoption and long-term usability as the company continued to evolve and grow.

Overall, the transition to Backlog not only addressed immediate challenges of affordability and scalability but also aligned with Codewave's long-term goals of efficiency, transparency, and innovation.

Abhijith HK
Abhijith HK, CEO and Co-founder

“We’re almost at 150 people right now, and Backlog has definitely helped us. There's a clear cost-benefit that we are getting out of this, and the quality of the product is also great.”

What's next for Codewave

As a software company, Abhijith expressed satisfaction with a tool made by developers for developers. "We’re a software development company. If we had not found a tool that works for us, we would probably have built something on our own, right? We don't need to reinvent the wheel—Backlog has given us exactly what we want. So that itself tells how happy the team is with the outcome.”

Looking ahead, Codewave plans to leverage Backlog further by transferring all company-wide projects to the platform and utilizing it as their go-to project management and bug tracking tool.

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Codewave was founded in May 2013, with a vision to bring design thinking to India and be a workplace that empowers people to do their best work. They offer software services specializing in design-led thinking digital transformation.
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