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PiraGo case study:

Using Backlog to seamlessly improve service quality


PiraGo, a Vietnam-based software development and IT consulting company, significantly improved its service quality by using Backlog for project management and communication. With 80% of its team involved in development, PiraGo streamlined task management and bug tracking, boosting efficiency and quality. Implementing Backlog led to precise workload management and enhanced client communication, contributing to consecutive wins in the IT Outsourcing category at the 2024 SaoKhue Awards.


Mr. Tạ Vũ Long
Mr. Tạ Vũ Long, CEO of PiraGo

“Previously, we had used task management tools from other companies. However, the ease of use and communication provided by Backlog were the deciding factors.”

The primary goal for PiraGo was to streamline their project management processes and enhance communication both internally and with their clients. They needed a solution that could support Agile development methodologies, offer detailed task management, and provide customizable features to adapt to their specific workflows. Additionally, they aimed to improve quality control by implementing a more robust system for tracking issues and bugs, allowing for better analysis and prevention of recurring problems.

By integrating Backlog, PiraGo sought to achieve a unified platform that would not only facilitate better task and project management but also enhance overall productivity and service quality. They aimed to leverage Backlog’s intuitive UI/UX, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility to create a seamless workflow that could accommodate their growing client base and increasingly complex projects.

How Backlog Helped

PiraGo implemented Backlog by first introducing it to its development teams, which make up more than 80% of the company. It integrated Backlog into its daily operations for project and task management, allowing engineers to log time spent on each task and synchronize this data through a custom-built tool called DevLog. This integration enabled the company to view the overall workload and project progress on a dedicated screen, significantly improving efficiency and workload management.

In addition to development, PiraGo extended the use of Backlog across other departments, including human resources and back-office operations, as well as guest clients. It utilized Backlog’s customizable fields and sub-task creation to manage detailed aspects of its projects. For instance, the custom fields were pivotal in quality management, allowing them to track bug types, causes, and resolutions systematically. This detailed tracking facilitated prompt bug fixing, root cause analysis, and prevention of recurrence, thereby enhancing the quality of their contracted development services.

“We use a combination of chat tools and Backlog for communication with clients. Simple communication takes place on chat tools, while discussions related to development are documented as comments within Backlog issues. Having conversation history tied to specific issues makes it easier to find necessary information later on and contributes to knowledge accumulation. Previously, searching for conversations in our chat tool history was time-consuming, but Backlog has helped us resolve this issue.”

Results and Future Plans

Implementing Backlog at PiraGo significantly improved its project management and overall service quality. By streamlining task management and communication, PiraGo achieved higher efficiency and transparency across its projects. This led to better workload management and enhanced coordination among team members, ensuring that projects were completed on time and to a high standard. Introducing custom fields for quality management allowed PiraGo to systematically track and resolve bugs, contributing to a noticeable increase in the quality of its contracted development services.

“The benefits of implementing Backlog go beyond quality management. Before starting new projects, we can refer to past records in Backlog to make accurate estimations, plans, and assignments. This has led to a significant improvement in project planning and resource allocation. By analyzing past data, we can make optimal decisions regarding the required number of developers, testers, project managers, and other roles.”

As a result of these enhancements, PiraGo achieved substantial business milestones. In May 2023, they released "PIGPT," a service leveraging ChatGPT technology, which marked their expansion into developing proprietary services. Furthermore, its commitment to quality and efficiency was recognized with consecutive wins in the IT Outsourcing category at the “SaoKhue2024” awards. These achievements not only highlight the effectiveness of Backlog in meeting the company’s operational goals but also underscore PiraGo's contribution to the IT industry's growth in Vietnam.

Overall, adopting Backlog played a crucial role in PiraGo's success, providing a robust framework for managing projects and fostering better client communication. The ROI was evident in their improved project delivery, higher customer satisfaction, and industry accolades, solidifying PiraGo’s reputation as a leading IT service provider.

Mr. Tạ Vũ Long
Mr. Tạ Vũ Long, CEO of PiraGo

“Improving customer satisfaction would not have been possible without Backlog. We plan to continue utilizing Backlog as an indispensable tool in our operations, ensuring its continued importance in our company.”

Based in Vietnam, PiraGo is a software development company that provides offshore development and solution consulting services for various industries. Its focus is on assisting companies with their digital transformation initiatives and addressing key customer challenges.
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