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  2. Automatically generate Backlog issues from support emails in 3 easy steps

Automatically generate Backlog issues from support emails in 3 easy steps

Brandi Gratis

Brandi Gratis

May 09, 2017

Importing support emails into your project management app can cost your team hours of work each week.

Thankfully with Backlog, you can have emails automatically imported as new issues. And if you’re a user of our chat app Typetalk, you can also set up an alert to a dedicated Support topic.

Sound like this trick would save your team a lot of manual labor? In three easy steps, you can change how your team handles support tickets forever.

Here’s our tutorial for automating support tickets using Backlog and Typetalk.

Note: These steps require administrative rights in Backlog. Please ask one of your project administrators for help if your permission levels are restricted below this level.

1. Create a project.

If you only have one support email address, make your project name simple: call it “Support.”

Add Support Project

Add Support Project

If you’re working in a company with multiple products or support addresses that go to different teams, pick a name that easily differentiates it from the rest, like “Backlog Support.”

Note: You must have Administrative rights to create a project. If you are not an Administrative user, you’ll need to ask one to create the project for you.

2. Enable the “Add issues via email” feature for your project.

Once enabled, emails and their attachments sent to your designated address will automatically create issues within that project.

Enable "Add issues via email"

Enable “Add issues via email”

Have more than one support email address you’d like to add? Easy: Multiple email addresses can be authorized for each project.

Note: Only Administrators can edit the list of issue email addresses.

3. Create a similarly named Typetalk topic, and enable the Typetalk-Backlog integration.

Once you’ve created your topic, click edit, and select the integrations tab.

Click “Integrate,” and select your desired Backlog space and project.

Integrate Typetalk Support topic

Integrate your project with your Typetalk Support topic

Select the “Update” button to commit your changes.

Note: This integration requires your Backlog Space Owner to enable your Nulab Account.

That’s it!

Now anytime a user sends an email to one of your designated address, it will register in Backlog as an issue with all attachments, and it will send a notification via Typetalk to your connected topic.


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