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Pull request workflow

Having a structured code review process using pull requests leads to higher-quality source code and provides greater context for future discussions.

Here is a simple development workflow with pull requests your team can follow:

  1. [Developer] Clone or pull the source of the work target.
  2. [Developer] Create a branch for the work.
  3. [Developer] Perform development work such as adding and modifying functions.
  4. [Developer] Push the completed task.
  5. [Developer] Create a pull request, specifying which branch merges into which branch.
  6. [Reviewer] Check the changes from the notified pull request and review.
  7. [Reviewer] Judge the work and send feedback to the developer, if necessary.
  8. [Reviewer] Merge if there are no problems during the review.
  9. [Reviewer] Close if the pull request becomes unnecessary due to the review.

Repeat steps 3 through 7 as often as needed to improve the quality of the source code.

Example of a pull request workflow
Example of a pull request workflow.

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