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Git stash commands

Stash current changes

$ git stash save

The stash command saves your local modifications and reverts the working directory to match the HEAD commit.

You may choose to omit save. If you do specify save, you can enter a message to label the stash content (e.g., git stash save “making a big change”).

Show stash list

$ git stash list

Recover changes from stash

$ git stash pop

The latest stash will be restored on your current work.

Adding a parameter of the stash ID (eg. stash@{1}) will restore this specific stash to your current work.

Delete stash

$ git stash drop

The latest stash will be deleted.

Adding a parameter to the stash ID (eg. stash@{1}) will delete this specific stash.

Delete all stashes

$ git stash clear

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