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Project and code management together.

Create a pull request

On the Git page of your project in Backlog, select the target repository.

The Git page of your project in Backlog

Then go to the Branches tab and find the “add-sort-func” branch we just created.

Go to the Branches tab and click “Add” in the pull request column

Click “Add” in the pull request column, and you will see the following screen:

The pull request screen

Ensure that the following fields are filled and correct:

  1. Target branch: Target branch to merge a pull request (i.e., main)
  2. Pull request branch: Branch to be merged (i.e., add-sort-func)
  3. Assignee: Person in charge of reviewing and merging the pull request

Then click the “Add pull request” button. Notifications will be sent to the assignee and any users you added to the “Notify pull request to” field.

The following screen will be displayed next for you to check the request:

The screen after the pull is request created

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