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Cacoo by Nulab releases a new built-in video chat feature

December 09, 2020

Diagramming software Cacoo presents a new video chat feature aimed at making remote work more effortless.

Used by over three millions users worldwide, Cacoo is a natural fit for remote work and online collaboration. Today, the leading diagramming platform makes its new built-in video chat available to all its customers – including Free Plan users. The feature will allow team members to connect and discuss diagrams, designs, and ideas during a video call without the use of a second video conferencing app. 

Cacoo’s new feature was conceived to better support remote teams by enhancing real-time collaboration while helping everyone feel more engaged.

In the new professional environment shaped by the Coronavirus pandemic, where teams depend on online productivity platforms to organize their work and collaborate remotely, Cacoo makes the transition from in-office work to work from home seamless and agile. 

“The pandemic changed the way we collaborate, how we organize work and manage projects,” says Shinsuke Tabata, co-Founder of Nulab, the international company behind Cacoo. “Communication is happening differently. Nowadays, it heavily relies on video services and chat apps. From now on, it can rely on Cacoo too. We already offered a built-in chat feature, and now with the new video option our users will have an even more engaging, connected, and collaborative creative experience.”

Editing and discussing a diagram will happen all in one place, avoiding the hassle to switch between different apps. 

Currently, individuals and international organizations of all sizes – including freelancers, companies, teachers, students, and NGOs – use Cacoo to improve ideas sharing, implement plans, unleash creativity, and optimize workflow overall.

The video chat is just one of the recent features announced in the past months by Cacoo:

Cacoo also offers integrations with several other productivity tools, including Dropbox, AWS, Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, Slack, and Atlassian Confluence.

Used by millions of users worldwide, Cacoo is a cost-effective, cloud-based productivity platform designed for any team, from individuals to corporations. The software gives the ability to create, store, and work with diagrams in real-time. 

About Nulab

Founded in 2004 in Japan, Nulab creates productivity software used by over 4 million people in over 190 countries. The company has offices in New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo, Kyoto, and its headquarter in Fukuoka. 

Nulab’s products include the online project management and bug tracking software Backlog, the cloud-based diagramming software Cacoo, and the chat app Typetalk

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