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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for April 2023

Product Updates

Spring is in the air in our cities, and while we’d love to spend all day in the sun, we’ve been busy making improvements. Let’s dive into this month’s update.


We released new versions for Android and iOS and made it easier to preview attachments, avoid duplicate tags, and create Bot IDs.


  • Android and iOS releases: Our Android (version 4.8.0) and iOS (version 4.9.8) releases feature fixes and improvements.  


  • Clearer tag error message: We improved the error message for users trying to create a tag that already exists. 
  • Unpinning topics: You can now move a topic to a new topic group when unpinning it.
  • Larger attachment previews: Make sure you’ve attached the right file before hitting “Post” with larger attachment reviews. 
  • Automatic Bot ID corrections: Bot ID names with uppercase letters or spaces are automatically fixed to meet naming requirements.
  • Activity Log: This feature is now available in Nulab Pass, offering you more details about operational events and bulk downloads.


  • Edited tags weren’t updating in real-time. 
  • Users opening a message via the Notifications tab weren’t able to view older messages in that thread depending on their window size. 
  • The configuration link for adding the Backlog integration was incorrect.

That’s it for this month. We’ll see you next time for another update.

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