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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for May 2023

Product Updates

While we’re enjoying the longer days and relaxing vacations that summer brings, we haven’t forgotten about our mission to make Typetalk better every day. Let’s take a look at this month’s updates.


We made it easier to access our cookie policy, improved the member management experience, and disabled cache in HTTP requests so you always get the latest data.


  • Policy transparency: We made it easier to review our cookie policy by adding a link to the global navigation.


  • Member settings: We updated the button text so admins know where to go to manage members. 
  • HTTP requests: We disabled cache on HTTP requests so you always get the latest data.
  • Disable account: Admins can now disable and enable their own account.
  • Image preview: We improved the user interface for image previews.


  • Admins couldn’t complete onboarding because the final screen wasn’t appearing.
  • The font weight in the global navigation didn’t align with other Nulab products.

That’s it for May. We’ll see you again next month for another update.

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