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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for June 2023

Product Updates

Time’s moving fast, and so are we. We’ve got another update loaded with new features, improvements, and fixes. Let’s dive in.


We released new versions for iOS and Android, made it easier to express yourself with emojis, and added single-click functionality to download images from preview and copy source code syntax.


  • Mobile releases: We released new versions for iOS (4.9.10) and Android (4.8.2).
  • Emojis everywhere: Emoji 15.0 is now supported on desktop, iOS, and Android. Japanese users can also search for emojis in-language.
  • Single-click download: Download images from preview with a single click.
  • Copy source code: Copy source code syntax with the “Copy” button.


  • Unpinning topics in iOS: You can now move a topic to a new topic group when unpinning it.
  • iOS push notifications: We removed line breaks in notifications so they’re easier to read.
  • Emoji size: We reduced the size of emoji files to improve product performance. 
  • Back to top: Go back to the top of your topics, direct messages, notifications, and likes feed by clicking on the section icon in the sidebar.
  • Clearer image previews: We’re using original images for previews, which means better quality (and no squinting). 


  • Users weren’t able scroll through older, unread messages in a topic.
  • The scroll was in the wrong position when opening a topic with lots of unread messages and scrolling through those messages.
  • The universal link in the notification for the iOS Backlog integration wasn’t working.
  • The toggle for file attachment permission in admin settings wasn’t working correctly. 
  • Messages from other topics were appearing in a selected topic.
  • “Reply” message drafts weren’t saved when closed using the ESC key or if the parent message was edited before the reply could be sent.

We’ll see you next month for more updates. Until then, stay cool (or warm) wherever you are in the world. 

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