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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for July and August 2023

Product Updates

We took a short break last month and are back with refreshed energy and a fresh update. Let’s get into it.


New iOS and Android releases plus the ability to mark messages unread, remove tags, and quote a message multiple times in the same chat.


  • Mobile releases: We released new versions for iOS (4.9.11) and Android (4.8.5).
  • Mark messages unread: Keep track of conversations. “Mark unread from here” lets you mark a topic’s messages unread up to a specified point.
  • Remove tags: Android users can now remove tags from messages.
  • Added quote level: Quote a message multiple times in the same chat.
  • Remove avatar images: Uploaded the wrong avatar image? Delete it to revert to the previous image.


  • New Twitter domain: Embedding links from Twitter’s new domain ( is now supported.


  • Users couldn’t invite multiple members to a topic by using keyboard-only input.
  • Deleted topics were still appearing in My Topics.
  • The screen wasn’t updating when attachments were deleted.
  • Liking a message was producing an error.
  • Mentions weren’t being highlighted in the Notifications tab.
  • The image was missing when inviting a new user via email on the topic settings page.

That’s it for now. We’ll see you again in September with details about our latest improvements.

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