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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for November 2023

Product Updates

We’ve been away for a while, and we’re back with some bittersweet news and what will be our final product update.


After 10 amazing years, we’re saying farewell to Typetalk on December 1, 2025.

Ten years ago, we created Typetalk as a way to help teams share ideas, build connections, and foster community. But as the tech landscape evolves and our priorities and user needs change, we’ve made the tough decision to say farewell to Typetalk on December 1, 2025. 

Learn more about our decision and plan for transitioning existing users.

Everything we’ve learned and accomplished with Typetalk will live on through our other products, Backlog and Cacoo. We’re grateful for your support over the past decade and remain committed to providing tools that empower you to collaborate and connect.

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