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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for March 2023

Product Updates

We may have taken a short break in February, but we’ve been busy working behind the scenes and are back with a big update this month.


Better manage tags on mobile, change the order of your attachments, preview a PDF before downloading, and so much more. 


  • Tags on mobile: Remove messages from a tag and delete tags on the iOS mobile app.
  • Shorter display links: Messages with long links are easier to read with short display links. 


  • Profile popups: See a member’s profile info when you click on their name in the topic member list.
  • Organize your attachments: Change the order that attachments appear in new messages.
  • Member role details: See role information on your “Account” page instead of under “Profile and Permissions.”
  • Login error message: We simplified the error message users see after returning to an expired login session.
  • PDF previews: Preview a PDF before downloading it.
  • Clearer topic member search: We improved the design and language of the member search function.
  • Easier support access: Access our getting started guide from the topic panel within your first 10 days on Typetalk and later under the help icon in the global navigation. 
  • Language alignment: The language used for removing messages from tags is now the same in the user interface and API documentation.
  • Easier downloads: You can now download Typetalk under the help icon in the global navigation.
  • Better DM filter: When searching for a DM by user, the filter remains even after you select a conversation. 
  • Organization icons: Organization icons in the global navigation have an updated look.
  • Never miss a mention: Mentions are now ordered by the time you were mentioned instead of the time they were posted.
  • Better API response: We changed the response of the integration API (canAddIntegration) so it’s no longer null.
  • Clearer search: We added text so it’s clear when your message search has no results. 
  • User status: We removed the word break from user status text so a single word is no longer split between two lines.


  • The tooltip for “Recently joined” topics was getting in the way of users clicking another topic in the group and closing the group unintentionally.
  • Backlog links starting the line following (>) were included in the quote.
  • Tapping the Enter key was posting Backlog tasks for Japanese users.
  • The + wasn’t appearing in titles when posted using Backlog’s add task feature.
  • Message searches containing \” produced an error.
  • The “Send DM” button wasn’t working when selecting a member from the topic member list. 
  • The size of the “Search by user” text fields were different between the DM and notifications tabs.
  • The border of the like button was turning gray after being selected.
  • Autopaging and scrolling weren’t working for users with large screens.
  • The organization name in the global navigation and mentions and likes weren’t updating after clicking on a post link to another organization.
  • Pinned topics were returning to the wrong topic group when unpinned. 
  • A line was appearing to the right of the sidebar for Safari users. 
  • Searching messages in a date range was causing the search bar to wrap on narrow screens.
  • Users got a reloading error when changing the theme color setting.
  • Direct messages were showing as read after being posted.
  • The ‘next’ arrow was disappearing when previewing multiple images.
  • User status was disappearing in DMs when the page was refreshed.
  • Onboarding on Firefox had a broken corner and highlight.
  • App badges, or icons, were displaying unread notifications even when notifications were disabled with DND settings or via user status.
  • Posts were remaining even after deactivating an account and displaying an error.
  • The log in button wasn’t displaying for logged out users embedding Typetalk into Backlog. 

We accomplished a lot these last months, and we’re not slowing down. Check back next month for another update. 

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