Megazone creates 300 AWS diagrams a year with Cacoo

Megazone, the first and largest AWS Premier Consulting Partner in Korea, uses Cacoo to draw AWS architecture diagrams for all their client projects.

We interviewed them to find out why the company responsible for systems development for major companies like LG Electronics and HYUNDAI, switched from using PowerPoint to Cacoo.

Mr. Park SangUk, Megazone Solution Architect ManagerMr. Park SangUk, Megazone Solution Architect Manager



Objective As the business grows, there is an increased need for the drawing of systems diagrams. Consequently, the process of creating and managing diagrams needs to be smoother.
Problem Using the existing tool, PowerPoint, to create diagrams is slow and inefficient, due to version control (file management) and sharing issues. A better tool is required to support the drawing of almost 300 AWS architecture diagrams per year.
Results Cacoo, with cloud creation & management of diagrams, made version control and diagram-sharing smoother. Time spent rendering drawings is reduced by a third, enabling Megazone to respond to the demand of creating 20-30 diagrams every month.


Megazone Overview:

Industry Information and communication (IT)
No. of Users 30 accounts
Department using Cacoo Platform Division (Solution Architect, Technical Sales, Operation Team Leader)


Pleased to meet a Cacoo user from Korea! Please introduce yourself.

My name is Park SangUk, I’m the AWS Solution Architect Manager at Megazone.

I’m a leader of the AWS Korea User Group and I’ve also been selected as a hero in the “AWS Community Hero Program. As part of this program, I help translate AWS-related technical documents that are written in Japanese to Korean, and I often participate in community activities such as JAWS-UG (Japan AWS User Group), to contribute to the AWS community.


Tell us about your company, Megazone.

Megazone is the largest AWS premier consulting partner in Korea. Our main business is in systems consulting, planning, development and operations utilizing cloud computing.

We have done AWS support and consulting in more than 500 companies, and in terms of sales and number of companies, we are ranked first in the Asia Pacific region. Globally, we are among the top rankings.

Currently, we are based in Korea and Vietnam, with a total of 515 employees. There are four departments: Web Marketing, 3D Design, SI Design, and Platform. In particular, the platform dept. which hosts AWS and domain operations, employs about 150 people in a wide range of positions: solutions architect, marketer, technical sales, development and operations.

Megazone awarded as AWS premier consulting partnerMegazone is an AWS consulting and support company based in Korea.


Which department in Megazone uses Cacoo?

Cacoo is mainly used within the Platform Department and is basically used for drawing AWS architecture diagrams. 22 employees, including solution architects, technical sales, construction and operations team leaders, use AWS architecture diagrams in their daily work, and they use Cacoo.

Who are some of your major customers?

While doing AWS consulting for the following enterprises, we drew the architecture diagrams using Cacoo.

They are:

  • SK Planet: Global EC site construction
  • KFC Corporation: Construction of homepage and construction of order system
  • LG Electronics: Development of business systems
  • Asiana Airlines: Homepage, ticket booking system
  • IGA Warks: Internet advertisement, marketing tool, Big data utilization

List of Megazone’s clientsMegazone’s clients include many major companies such as SAMSUNG, LG Electronics, and LOTTE.


Please tell us your workflow in building AWS solutions for your clients.

Our technical sales or solution architect will get requirements from the client and create the AWS architecture diagram in Cacoo. Once the diagram is completed, we will output it in PDF and submit a proposal to the client. After approval from them, we’ll start building the architecture.


Because Cacoo has AWS stencils and icons, we often use those to draw our AWS diagrams.

Solution architect meeting to discuss AWS architecture diagramsHaving a meeting with the solution architect to discuss the architecture diagram created in Cacoo.

Within our Platform Department, we have three project groups:

  1. Solution Architect (SA) team
  2. Pre-Sales (PS) team
  3. And TSC, which is our operations team

Our diagrams are titled based on the name of the customers, so that it’s easy to understand. We create about 20 to 30 diagrams each month. So, in one year, we create about 300 AWS architecture diagrams by Cacoo.

Megazone Cacoo teams folders in Cacoo dashboard


When & how did Megazone decide to start using Cacoo?

We started to focus on consulting and support for AWS in 2012, and that’s when we started using Cacoo in the company. We saw that it was listed in the AWS Architecture Icons webpage as an online drawing & diagramming tool.

Before using Cacoo, we were using PowerPoint. But as our customers increased due to business expansion, and the diagrams we needed to draw also increased, PowerPoint did not have enough functions for us, and in terms of managing diagrams, I felt that it was unsatisfactory.


How did Cacoo help?

We were able to reduce the work time spend on drawing the architecture charts. When using PowerPoint, the following steps had to be taken to draw diagrams from scratch, and it took more steps than using Cacoo.

(When using PowerPoint)

  1. Download Simple icon on AWS site
  2. Start drawing diagram
  3. Since the drawing/slides area in PowerPoint is fixed, icons, etc, need to be adjusted to an appropriate size.
  4. Share the created diagram to team members via email
  5. Aggregate multiple feedback comments and revise
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5.
  7. PDF output and attach to email.
  8. Send to customers for approval/feedback

(When using Cacoo)

  1. Copy and reuse AWS architecture diagram created with Cacoo
  2. Edit AWS icons, or add new ones from Cacoo’s AWS templates
  3. Inform team members to check/review the diagram
  4. Display review comments and revise diagram accordingly
  5. PDF output and attached to email
  6. Send to customers for approval/feedback


One of the problems with PowerPoint is that you are unable to share diagram updates immediately, because you cannot manage diagrams in the cloud. Whereas with Cacoo, which is in the cloud, you can edit one diagram in real-time with all members. Work efficiency is improved because you no longer need to attach a diagram to an email and consolidate all the review comments.


From your experience, how much was the improvement in work efficiency?

The time spent on drawing diagrams varies for each respectively, but if we usually spent two hours drawing large system architecture diagrams, I feel that our work time has been reduced by more than half now. In addition to being able to share diagrams easily, it’s also effective to be able to use templates and stencils.

Also, sharing diagrams is useful not only for reducing work time but also for finding out who’s working on a particular diagram for a customer. For example, a newly hired member of the team can view a Cacoo diagram and see the name of the diagram creator. They can also easily search diagrams in the team folder. With Cacoo, not only workflow, but team communication also became smooth.

How about management of diagrams?

With Cacoo, version control of diagrams can be done smoothly. When I was using PowerPoint, I had to save a new file every time I updated the work, so it resulted in a situation where the folder was full of diagrams.

But after migrating to Cacoo, version control can be done within the same file. Previously, I spent more than an hour to organize folders and update diagrams, but it does not take more than 20 minutes now.

How Megazone practices version control in CacooI put the new updated date in the title, and version control of diagram is done by creating a new sheet.


Tell us about your future plans for Megazone.

We are planning to make AWS consulting our main focus, not only in Korea, but globally too. We have a branch office in Vietnam and we use Cacoo to share AWS architecture diagrams with our customers there. In addition, we plan to set up a Japanese branch office in 2018.

Megazone staff photoMegazone currently has offices in Korea and Vietnam, and plans to expand its base to Japan, the United States and China in the future.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

(Interview Date: 9th March 2018)

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