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Git vs. SVN commands

Git has become the dominant version control system in recent years, especially in the open-source community, while SVN has declined. If you’re switching from SVN to Git here is a quick reference comparing common commands.

Comparison table of Git-Subversion commands

git cloneCopy a repositorysvn checkout
git commitRecord changes to file historysvn commit
git showView commit detailssvn cat
git statusView statussvn status
git diffView differencessvn diff
git logView logsvn log
git addAddsvn add
git mvMovesvn mv
git rmDeletesvn rm
git resetCancel changesvn revert1
git branchCreate a branchsvn copy2
git checkoutSwitch branchessvn switch
git mergeMergesvn merge
git tagCreate a tagsvn copy2
git pullUpdatesvn update
git fetchUpdatesvn update
git pushChanges reflected on the remotesvn commit3
.gitignoreIgnore file list.svnignore
  1. Revert in SVN cancels a change, but Revert in Git negates a change.
  2. Branch and tag are the same in SVN but different in Git.
  3. SVN does not have the concept of a local repository vs. remote repository; accordingly, a commit is directly reflected in the remote.

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