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Push to a remote repository

Let’s push to the local repository you created at the beginning of this tutorial.

Open Sourcetree and double-click the “tutorial” repository.

Select tutorial repository

Click the “Settings” button on the right side of the toolbar.

Click the setting button at the right side in the tool bar on the repository operation screen

Click “Add.”

Click Add button

Enter the following:

  • Remote name: origin
  • URL / path: the URL of the remote repository you previously created in Backlog
The URL of the remote repository you previously created in Backlog

Click “OK.”

Enter the URL of the remote repository and click OK button

The remote repository “origin” will now show in the “remotes” list, and we can start pushing changes to Backlog.

origin was added

If you are on Console, the "origin" remote repository will be used by default if you omit the remote name when pushing/pulling. That is because convention commonly uses "origin" as a remote name.

Now click the “Push” icon on the toolbar above.

Click the push button at the tool bar on the tutorial repository operation screen

Select the “main” checkbox and click “OK.”

Click the OK button after check the check box of main

When you have successfully completed the push, “origin/main” — which represents the commit on remote — will be shown in the “description” column of the commit.

The origin/main shown by the remote repository has been added

Open the Git page on Backlog, and you will find a new update corresponding to your push to the remote repository listed under “Recent Updates.”

The push item is added to the recent updates.

The pushed file will also appear in the list of files in the remote repository.

The file from the pushed repository is added.

Next, we’ll clone this remote repository.

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