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Pull from a repository

Let’s now pull the latest change (that we just pushed in the previous step) from the remote repository to our local repository (i.e., the "tutorial" directory).

Now that our remote repository is up to date with the changes from tutorial2, let’s pull the change and synchronize our initial repository directory, tutorial.

To execute a pull, right-click on the "tutorial" directory and select “Pull” from the right-click menu.

Click pull from the right-click menu

Click “OK.”

Click OK button

The pull will initiate. Once complete, click “Close” to finish.

When the next screen is displayed, the pull will begin.

Click “TortoiseGit” > “Show log” from the right-click menu. Notice that the main has moved forward to the same level as the origin/main. This means that our tutorial local repository is now up to date with the latest changes from the remote repository.

The origin/main have advanced to the same position.

Open the file sample.txt and check the content.

Anyone can learn Git with this tutorial and Backlog
add: Register a change in an index

You should see add: Register a change in an index added to the content.

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