Make Typetalk an internal communication tool inside and outside the classroom. Collaborate with colleagues on department objectives, share media, and make announcements to students on the fly.


Introduce concepts and processes to students online through mind maps, venn diagrams, concept maps, and flowcharts. Cacoo brings visual learning to a wide variety of disciplines—from biology to calculus.


Keep your department on track with a centralized database for sharing files, schedules, and more. Backlog allows you to quickly retrieve information from anywhere using the technology of the cloud.

BASE is a 4-year CTE high school that trains students in programming, software design, and app development.

Bronx Academy for Software Engineering
Bronx, New York, USA
School Size
Est. School Size: 328 students
Nulab Product Implemented
Case Study Base
I use Cacoo for students to create website mockups that allow them to see their ideas come to life before they create them.

– Brian Schott, Computer Science Teacher at BASE

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