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Pull from a repository

Let’s now pull the latest change (that we just pushed in the previous step) from the remote repository to our local repository (i.e., the "tutorial" directory).

Now that our remote repository is up to date with the changes from tutorial2. let’s pull the change and synchronize our initial repository directory, tutorial.

To execute a pull, use the git pull command. If you do not include the repository name, the pull will be executed on the repository under the alias origin.

$ git pull origin main
  * branch            main     -> FETCH_HEAD
  Updating ac56e47..3da09c1
  sample.txt |    1 +
    1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

Verify that the history is updated with the git log command.

$ git log
  commit 3da09c1134a41f2bee854a413916e4ebcae7318d
  Author: username
  Date:   Thu Jul 12 18:02:45 2022 +0900

  append description of the add command

  commit ac56e474afbbe1eab9ebce5b3ab48ac4c73ad60e
  Author: username
  Date:   Thu Jul 12 18:00:21 2022 +0900

      first commit

The new commit is now listed under this repository’s history log.

Open the file sample.txt and check the content.

Anyone can learn Git with this tutorial and Backlog
add: Register a change in an index

You will see add: Register a change in an index added to the content.

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