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Daily standup tool

Hold daily standup meetings online with Cacoo

Wrap up yesterday's tasks

Give a quick overview of what happened the day before and reallocate any unfinished tasks.

Plan for the day ahead

Allocate tasks to the appropriate people who can reasonably finish the tasks that need to get done in time.

Remove blockers as quickly as possible

Addressing problems at the beginning of each day helps you remove them quickly and prevent them from affecting further work.

Cacoo makes it easy to hold daily standup meeting online

Use the sticky notes feature to add tasks in quick succession and drag & drop them on the canvas

Adding tasks should be as easy as writing on a physical whiteboard, and it is in Cacoo.

  • Daily standup templates
  • Sticky notes feature
  • Easy drag & drop function

Collaborate with anyone in real-time

Create, edit, and chat about your daily standups, together.

  • Multi-user editing
  • In-app video & chat
  • Comments on diagrams
  • Activity notifications

Present and share your work

Share your daily standups with others.

  • Presentation mode
  • Screen Share
  • Shared folders
  • Public diagram links
  • Exporting (SVG, PDF, and more)
  • Embeddable diagram viewer

Keep files organized and secure

Keep daily standups organized with shared project folders.

  • Team management
  • Security settings
  • Groups for easy access
  • Guest access

How to have a daily standup meeting online


Gather information about about what was completed yesterday and any blockers

Have your entire team come prepared with the same.


Select a template or start a blank diagram

Begin plotting each detail in the correct area of the diagram, taking care to keep things organized and readable.


Assess your diagram for insights

Brainstorm action items you can take to remove blockers and accelerate work.


Prioritize & assign

Ensure each action item is given a priority and someone who will be accountable for taking it on and reporting on it.


Collaborate and share

Get feedback from others, make any necessary edits, and share with the right people once it's finalized.

Use our daily standup templates to get started

Or create your own from scratch.

Daily Standup Meeting Template
Daily Standup Meeting Template
Daily Standup Meeting Template
Daily Standup Meeting Template
Standup Meeting Template
Standup Meeting Template
Standup Meeting Template
Standup Meeting Template

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