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Floor plan creator

Create floor plans online with Cacoo

Try out multiple layout ideas before you start moving anything

Save time, energy, and strength by creating a few layout ideas and walking through how people would get around for various tasks before you commit.

Accurately estimate costs

Figure out exactly how many pieces of furniture, desk supplies, and decorations you'll need to complete your plan.

Track where everything and everyone is

Use your floor plan as a seating chart to help everyone know where to find each other, especially new hires.

Cacoo makes it easy to create a floor plan online

Use floor plan templates and shapes to easily design your office or workplace

It doesn't take a graphic design expert to put together a professional floor plan in Cacoo.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Floor plan templates
  • Floor plan shapes

Collaborate with anyone in real-time

Create, edit, and chat about your floor plans, together.

  • Multi-user editing
  • In-app video & chat
  • Comments on diagrams
  • Activity notifications

Present and share your work

Share your floor plans with others.

  • Presentation mode
  • Screen Share
  • Shared folders
  • Public diagram links
  • Exporting (SVG, PDF, and more)
  • Embeddable diagram viewer

Keep files organized and secure

Keep floor plans organized with shared project folders.

  • Team management
  • Security settings
  • Groups for easy access
  • Guest access

How to make a floor plan


Gather information about the space

How large is the space? Where are the entrances and exits, bathrooms, and windows? Are there individual conference rooms or is it an open layout?


Select a template or start a blank diagram

Build out the basic shape of the space. Then start adding in features such as windows and doors. And then you can begin mapping out your furniture placement.


Try out a few different layout options

When you have one layout set, copy the sheet and start working on alternatives. Assess what the costs and benefits are to each layout.


Stylize shapes and lines

Customize your colors, text, and lines to make things easy to read.


Collaborate and share

Get feedback from others, make any necessary edits, and share with the right people once it's finalized.

Use our floor plan templates to get started

Or create your own from scratch.

Office Floor Plan
Office Floor Plan
Office Floor Plan
Office Floor Plan
Cubicle Layout
Cubicle Layout
Cubicle Layout
Cubicle Layout
Office Building Floor Plan
Office Building Floor Plan
Office Building Floor Plan
Office Building Floor Plan

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