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WBS software

Create WBS diagrams online with Cacoo

Organize your team's work into actionable deliverables

Visually lay out all project milestones and tasks, so everyone knows what activities need to be completed to deliver a successful project.

Accurately allocate time and budget

A detailed work breakdown structure is the first step to understanding what resources your team will need at every stage of your project.

Identify potential risks

When you see the work that needs to be done in order, you can begin to spot areas where team members and resources might be strained, so you know to add in additional working time when needed.

Cacoo makes it easy to create WBS diagrams online

Use WBS templates to quickly document your project plan

Create and share professional work breakdown structure diagrams using Cacoo's variety of templates and shapes.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • WBS templates
  • Automatic connectors

Collaborate with anyone in real-time

Create, edit, and chat about your WBS diagrams, together.

  • Multi-user editing
  • In-app video & chat
  • Comments on diagrams
  • Activity notifications

Present and share your work

Share your WBS diagrams with others.

  • Presentation mode
  • Screen Share
  • Shared folders
  • Public diagram links
  • Exporting (SVG, PDF, and more)
  • Embeddable diagram viewer

Keep files organized and secure

Keep WBS diagrams organized with shared project folders.

  • Team management
  • Security settings
  • Groups for easy access
  • Guest access

How to make a WBS diagram


Gather information from stakeholders and team members

You'll need to understand key milestones, deadlines, and durations of tasks.


Select a template or start a blank diagram

Begin with your top level, i.e., the project name or final deliverable. On the level below, lay out the main project phases and deliverables. Below that come your work packages, i.e., tasks that make up those key deliverables. And finally, list out all activities and tasks needed to complete each work package.


Assess your diagram for opportunities and risks

Look for potential bottlenecks, delays, or strained resources. Make sure all dependent tasks are accounted for. Note these observations for when you create your project timeline.


Stylize shapes and lines

Customize your colors, text, and lines to make things easy to read.


Collaborate and share

Get feedback from others, make any necessary edits, and share with the right people once it's finalized.

Use our WBS templates to get started

Or create your own from scratch.

Work Breakdown Structure Template
Work Breakdown Structure Template
Work Breakdown Structure Template
Work Breakdown Structure Template

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